Hello Hunters, Hope you’re doing well. Ever thought about what can happen if you read any stranger’s “Hey!” message? Nothing will happen, right?! 🤔

Let me prove you wrong!! So relax and let me explain how a simple “Hey!” can turn into your worst nightmare!! 👻

I’m sure this would…

Hello Hunters, This is a Tale of how I decoded the Verification flow of a well-known web application & bypassed the Phone Verification process because of the Initial code set at the Backend ❤

Damn Excited! Can’t wait to share this…😍

Let’s Begin

The Web Application was a Server Hosting Management System…

Hello Hunters, This is a Tale of how I used an Application’s feature against itself to give rise to a Stored Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability. So relax and Enjoy the article ❤

Damn Excited to share this story…..😍

Let’s Begin

Cross site scripting (XSS) is a common attack vector that injects malicious…

Hello Hunters, This is my FIRST Medium Article covering the Story of my FIRST 4 Digit bounty which was FIRST marked as a Duplicate but later found out to be a Unique submission after a long span of 25 days and also got gifted with a PentesterLab Pro Subscription for…

Shrirang Diwakar

Co-Founder at Knock Security Solutions | Ethical Hacker | Bug Bounty Hunter | Content Creator | Ideator

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